Family Governance

Family Governance

Lombardi Segni e Associati assists many entrepreneurs and their families in identifying the most efficient solutions for owning, managing and protecting their assets, as well as in planning the transfer of the family business from one generation to the next.

The Firm applies a multidisciplinary approach to advise its Clients on all matters related to asset planning and generational transition, through ordinary and extraordinary asset reorganization transactions or through sophisticated solutions involving holding companies, trusts or other organizations. We also help Clients to set up appropriate rules governing shareholding rights, financial structure and corporate governance.

Family Governance should also be structured and evaluated in light of Italian and foreign probate law provisions: in these areas, the Firm can rely on the specific expertise of many professionals who are also university professors. At the same time, the identified solutions must be able to prevent any judicial disputes from arising or, if they do, to successfully defend the transaction in litigation. For this purpose, the Firm’s lawyers have long-standing and well-established experience in litigation.

The Firm collaborates on an ongoing basis with some of the best tax law experts, and can rely on strong relations with leading independent firms in foreign countries and jurisdictions.


The areas covered by the Generational Transition team include:

  • Identification of new shareholding and governance structures, e.g. by establishing family foundations, trusts and holdings, and the related organizational frameworks
  • Extraordinary transactions for the reorganization of assets
  • Preparation of family agreements
  • Preparation of wills, deeds of gift and contracts in favour of third parties